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There are numerous genres of video poker games, most notably Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Aces Faces. However, Jacks or Better Video Poker is the perfect place to start playing VP, and particularly if you're new to strategic gaming (the real way to play the game for fun and maximum reward potential).

Although you'll ideally want to learn the full basic strategy (widely available on the web) – you can adopt some easier tips to start reducing the video poker machine's edge.

Naturally, if you aspire to the level of video poker where the edge is less than 1% (and ultimately a positive edge to the player), apply these basic tips and then progress to the full basic VP strategy and more complex strategies……

1. Never hold a kicker in Jacks or Better; If you hold on to a pair, click to draw all 3 other cards to boost your probability of getting a 3 of a kind or a 4 of a kind combination.
2. Never draw to an inside straight in video poker.
3. Never keep 3 cards to a straight or 3 cards to a VP flush hand.
4. Some expert video poker gamers like to hold 3 cards to a straight flush, assuming there is a Royal Flush jackpot chance.
5. Keep 2 pair in favour of of attempting to draw to 4 of a kind.
6. Don't break a full house to attempt to form a 4 of a kind.
7. Don't break-up winning combinations dealt by the video poker game

The tips above are essentially just video poker logic, but they're a decent place to start, and they at least get you to start thinking about your video poker hand decisions.

Of course, once you start enjoying the game and getting some results, there's no doubt most gamers will want to try and develop their strategy with the power of a real video poker strategy chart.

Check out some other classic video poker tips that can be applied whether you play with the casual tips above or genuine VP strategy:

Budgeting >Video poker can be played with stakes from 0.10 to 100.00 or higher, so make sure you approach each session with a sensible budget.

Level stakes >Video poker will be less volatile and more fun when you game with level stakes, which is vital to allow strategic gaming to flourish.

Bet liability > Use a low-level of risk with each video poker wager, such as 0.5% of your bankroll with each bet. This makes budgeting easy when in the VP casino.

Regularity >Play a high number of video poker rounds per week to find luck and see how a strategy really affects your results.

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The history of video poker

With advancements in technology it was just a matter of time before there was a merge between five card draw poker and technology, video poker was invented in the 1970s during the first oil crises with Las Vegas casino owners try to revitalize their business under the strain of oil embargo, video poker proved to be the perfect solution as it was a hit and became very popular with thousands of gamblers flocking to casinos to experience the newest craze. Video poker combined the slot machine and the popular game of poker, video poker had a lot of features that contributed to its popularity such as its appearance, players could learn as they played by consulting the payout table, the machines alerted you to winning hands.

Video poker became very popular because it combined the skills needed to play poker with the ease of the slot machine and you did not have the pressure of many opponents and you could take your time with video poker you also have more control with video poker than with real poker because with video poker players have better odds of winning by selecting machines with good odds of winning video poker has the best odds in the house of any game , video poker has many variations and so it never gets boring . Video poker brought transparency to the gaming industry because it’s simple to tell the odds of a video poker machine by the payout of two hands the full house and the flush, there are no juice fee or house commission for video poker.

Texas holdem poker tournament are broadcast live on TV and this has contributed to the popularity of Texas holdem, but most people are not cut-out for the pressure of poker table this has made video poker even more popular and has video poker machines replacing slots machines, newer machines have appeared on the scene such bonus poker, double bonus poker, joker’s wild, deuces wild, and poker frenzy there are even developing machines that will allow the player to play up to 100 hands at the same time .

The big question is how long will the craze last? video poker has been around for a long time and has proved that its not a passing faze ,and as long developers keep creating new variations to please gamblers then video poker is here for a long time

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